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My enormous stash of gorgeous yarns is still growing. So if you have a favourite colour I can make you a one off handbag!

For details emma@daisyprudence.com


 To dye for 

I have recently begun to dye my own yarn, to provide a more personal touch to your bespoke handbag.


 Telling yarns 

Today I'm entering the blogosphere! Read about my all-consuming passion for yarn and anything else that's on my mind.






Handmade handbags and accessories to match your mood .




Hello and welcome to the daisyprudence site.

This is the home of my gorgeous handmade handbags and accessories.


More details coming soon.


Keep coming back as the site is currently under construction.


In the meantime, please get in touch: emma@daisyprudence.com







See my handmade handbags...




There's a selection of bags and shawls I have made here but...

many more will be found on my flickr site, once I get around to photographing them!



Available to buy from folksy.com